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My first blog, my first erotic romance

April 16, 2010

About a year ago, I had an idea for an erotic romance knocking around in my brain. It was persistent and wouldn’t go away until I put it down on paper–so to speak. So over the course of about a month, I wrote it. Within two months I had sold “Intimate Submission” to Black Velvet Seductions.  “Intimate Submission”  is a steamy, erotic romance novella that blends love and desire with a touch of the taboo.

It’s the story of a commanding, demanding alpha male Reese Nichols and Jamie Douglass, a heroine who appears calm and cool on the outside, but is anything BUT calm and cool on the inside.

Caught in the economic downturn, Jamie Douglass finds herself unemployed. Her only solid job prospect as an assistant to Reese Nichols, a hard man with a reputation for demanding 110 percent. From the first moment of the job interview, Jamie is irresistibly drawn to Reese’s commanding masculinity but is shocked by the unfamiliar desires she senses he could unleash within her. When Reese makes an offer she feels powerless to refuse, Jamie accepts, but steels her resolve, vowing to surrender only so much of herself. But as Jamie soon discovers, Reese won’t abide by half measures, and she finds herself torn between his wishes and her fears of her own dark yearning.

To read an excerpt, click here:

Warning: this novella contains graphic sex. You must be 18 to read/purchase the novella.

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