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To my chagrin, a coterie of characters

August 22, 2010

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Juliet.

Recently I blogged about completing the first draft of a new 26,000-word erotic romance novella in thirteen days. It came together so smoothly it felt as if the story wrote itself. Naming the characters was a bit thornier.


I knew the heroine’s name from the very beginning. She was born Melania in my head and that’s who she wanted to be. She was an easy one.  The hero…not so easy.

His first given name was Heath. I wanted a simple masculine name. One syllable, so it would be easy for Melania to cry it out in the throes of passion. Problem was, at least half the time I typed his name as “Health.” And I also noticed as I got into the sex scenes that Heath and “heat” are remarkably similar. I figured if Heath’s name was giving me that much trouble, the hero probably wasn’t a Heath.

Heath underwent a name change and became Case. Again, short simple name, easy to cry out and I only occasionally typed it as Chase. I was happy with Case, and he seemed to like his new name, too.

One of the secondary characters I called Aiden. As the story and his character developed, I realized that Aiden didn’t suit him. I was in the shower one morning when I realized he was a nickname kind of guy and he told me his name was Chuck. Not Charles, not Charlie. Chuck.

I finished the first draft of the story. As I starting rewriting, I noted with chagrin that I had gone a little crazy with the C names. I had Case, Candi, Conner, and Chuck—this in a story with two main characters and four secondary characters. Oops!

Candi had to stay Candi because of certain future plot points. I really liked the name Conner and since I’m the one writing the story I made an executive author decision to keep it.

Case had to fall on his sword and become Jared.

Chuck fought me, but I changed his name, too. For a brief time he was Skip, but then I decided that was a cliché nickname and now he’s Tucker.

Ay Carumba!

BTW, to read free excerpts of my two  published erotic romances, click below.  They are available as e-books and have been accepted by Black Velvet Seductions for its “Spanked Wives” print anthology.

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  1. August 22, 2010 10:23 pm

    Hi Cara,

    I wrote a one act stage play called The Spanking Booth where all three main characters have names beginning with the letter K. I did this purposely to suggest a commonality that transcends their different stages in life.

    Best wishes with your novella!


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