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“Intimate Submission” gets four stars from JERR

September 17, 2010

I feel like Sally Field. They like me!

 My first erotic romance novella, “Intimate Submission” got four stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR).  Here’s the review:

 “Intimate Submission is a fast paced short story involving aspects of BDSM. Jamie and Reese’s story provides many details yet it moves through time very quickly. The sexual chemistry between the two was instant and you just knew they were meant to be together.  Reese found his perfect soul mate in Jamie and decided that he was never going to let her go. The story began to focus on the sex lives of Reese and Jamie and it is filled with quite a number of BDSM elements. This was truly a story of a Dom and the woman who submitted just about everything to him. As the story continues we find that there are everyday problems but the love of Reese and Jamie overcomes those minor obstacles. The story truly focuses on Jamie and Reese with secondary characters acting as wallpaper, just there for decoration.  Intimate Submission is the perfect read for those who just need a quick erotic fix.”

Here’s a link to the review:

If you’d like to read an excerpt of “Intimate Submission,” click here:

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