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Atwitter with spanking new developments…

October 28, 2010

Writing, I’ve noticed, moves at the speed of life. More specifically, a writing career moves at the speed of life, which is to say you move along with things being the same, day after day, and then all at once your plans come to fruition or things start changing.

A number of new developments have happened over the past week.

By far the biggest is that Spanked! was launched October 20, published in multiple formats. Spanked! is the romantic “spanked wives” anthology that contains my first two novellas, Intimate Submission and Secret Desires, along with stories from my co-authors, Trusting Her by Starla Kaye and In the Driving Seat by Richard Savage. Previously, these stories were only available as individual downloads in PDF format on the publisher’s website, Now however, they’re available in paperback, Kindle, and multiple electronic formats as one volume. Readers can find Spanked! on, Fictionwise, and the BVS website.

Two great contests were held to promote Spanked! Readers had the chance to win free copies by posting a comment at the Authorisland Cyber Launch Party for Spanked! or by answering the question, “what would do you do for a copy of Spanked!” on the BVS blog. The latter contest was patterned after the ad slogan, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” The contests have ended now, but they were great fun.

I sent to my publisher my third erotic domestic discipline story, Spanking Melania. It’s the first book in my NEW “Rod and Cane Society Novella” series, which focuses on the characters who belong to a organization that advocates the domestic discipline of wives.

After sending Spanking Melania to Black Velvet Seductions, I began writing the second book in the Rod and Cane series. The working title is Disciplining Emma.

I finally joined Twitter. If you’d like to follow me, my name is @CaraBristol (note the C and B are capitalized). I tweet sparingly and promise not to inundate!

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