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Uncovering a variety of spanking stories…

November 19, 2010

The cover of Spanked!, an anthology of erotic domestic discipline stories published by Black Velvet Seductions, tells a lot about what’s inside. The cover, designed by erotic artist Ric Savage, represents each of the four novellas in the book:

The captain’s hat represents the story that Savage wrote about a husband who spanks his wife to take control of his marriage and put himself back “In the Driving Seat.”

The birthday cake represents one of my stories, “Secret Desires,” in which a chronically tardy woman is punished by her fiancé when she arrives late yet again…to her own birthday party.

The cowboy hat stands for “Trusting Her,” a domestic discipline story with a Western theme written by Starla Kaye. In her story, it’s the husband who is spanked.

Finally, in “Intimate Submission” the tie represents the corporate business owner hero who makes demands his wife is unable to fulfill until a spanking resets her priorities. I also wrote this story.

Spanked! offers a variety of domestic discipline and erotic spanking tales: spanked wives, spanked husbands, bare-handed spanking and the use of implements such as paddles and a riding crop. In addition there’s lot of hot sex!

Spanked! by Cara Bristol, Richard Savage and Starla Kaye is available in paperback from and Black Velvet Seductions and in ebook from Amazon, BVS, Fictionwise, and The ebook retails for $5.99; the paperback for $10.99. In addition the stories can be purchased individually as PDF downloads at Black Velvet Seductions.

Warning: The heat level in Spanked! ranges from mild (Trusting Her) to hot (In the Driving Seat) to raging hot (Secret Desires and Intimate Submission). Spanked! contains spanking, use of sex toys, anal sex and ménage.

(ARGH! I cannot get the links to work on WordPress, this morning. If you click on Spanked! in under Books by Cara Bristol, it will take you to Amazon. In addition, if you click on My Romances in the Categories sidebar, it will take you to other Spanked! posts that have links!)

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