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My favorite erotic romance and spanking blogs

December 17, 2010

What makes a good blog? For me, it’s two things: it has to informative and it has to be entertaining. I’d like to share my favorite blogs related to erotic romance and spanking:

Erotic romance writing blogs – These blogs offer insight into various aspects of romance writing, author interviews, book excerpts, new release info, and promotion tips.

Kaily Hart

Naughty Author Chicks

Nice n Naughty Authors

Nine Naughty Novelists

Romance Writers Behaving Badly

Writers Gone Wild

Editor Blogs

Redlines and Deadlines – Written by the editors of Ellora’s Cave, an erotic romance publisher, it offers great info. about the craft of romance writing.

Spanking blogs – I like the blogs that provide insight. Why people spank, they various ways they do it, what they think and feel about it, how it affects their relationships. There are three that I regularly check:

My Bottom Smarts – A good go-to source of information for all things related to spanking.

Finding Sara – This site offers the reflections of a woman in domestic discipline marriage.

Husbandly Touch – This blog offers the perspective of the husband in domestic discipline marriage.

Coming soon: my favorite erotic romance publishers!

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